It’s really happening, y’all. It’s finally nice enough outside to go to the park and take a stroll. It’s that perfect time of year that it feels so lovely outside that you want to go running. It’s that time right before summer that you have all the endless possibilities about how to spend those beautiful summer days.

And in case anyone was wondering how we are doing – the best word to describe us is anticipatious.

That’s right. I just created a new word to fit my mood. And since I just created it, I say it means a little bit anxious but mostly hopeful in the face of a lot of impending change.

There are a lot of things up in the air for this summer, which is both a little scary and incredibly fun. At some point I’m positive we will be moving. Again. Not sure when, where, or how, but it will be necessary in any of the scenarios I play out in my head. I know for sure that Billy is going to a six week music festival in Maine. I know that we will have as much fun in the city as possible. I’m hoping my family is coming up here to visit me. I’m hoping that I get to go up to Maine and take a road trip with Billy to explore new terrain. I’m hoping for a lot of things that I won’t mention quite yet.

I know we’ll be fine, no matter what happens.

Now the fun part – talking about what we’ve been up to.

Billy had a Juilliard opera that he performed all last weekend. I went to his Friday performance and it was so fun! He got me a balcony seat so I could see him and the other horns in the pit; they all waved at me.


The opera, Katya Kabanova, was good. I liked that it was a bit shorter. The singers and orchestra were very talented. I’m just not sure I loved the story.

The next day we went to a “horn party” and got to hang out with all the awesome other horns from school. We all made dumplings together and they were amazing! I can’t wait to try making these on my own.


We had quite a few days of misty fogs and rains. I thought it wouldn’t ever go away.


Not that I was complaining too much. I think it’s beautiful.

But I’m also not complaining about this.


New York sure knows how to be pretty occasionally.

Last Monday we had the amazing chance to go to the Metropolitan Opera. Billy has a mentor and she’s able to get us standing tickets on occasion. So we were very excited when we got two free tickets to see Der Rosenkavalier.


The last time we had standing tickets, it was on the very top tier, way in the back. We loved it even then, because the sets are so monstrous and the singers so talented that even from back there it’s a mind blowing experience.

So this time we hiked all the way to the top floor and we looked and looked for our number. It was nowhere. Finally (at 7:00, when it was supposed to be starting), we asked an usher where our spots were. She tells us that the tickets are for the orchestra level standing seats. Run!

And run we did. We sprinted down six flights of stairs and made it through the doors as they were shutting them.


We stood through the first act and it was definitely worth it! So much talent. This was one of Renée Fleming’s last performances of this opera, so the place was packed. While we stood there during intermission, this lady-usher came in and leaned closer to us and asked, “Are you a couple?”


“Are you staying for the other two acts?”


“Don’t tell anyone, but another couple left during the first act and wanted me to give these to someone.”

I was dying the whole rest of the show. These tickets were amazing! I can’t believe anyone would give them up like that! They were $270 each. We watched the rest of the opera up-close and it was stunning. I loved the sets, and of course the talented stars.


During the second intermission we went to the pit and got a chance to visit and see what it would be like to work there.


The show was four hours of pure bliss.


Last Friday Billy had a chamber concert at Juilliard. We invited our aunt and uncle, Camilla and Robert, from Goldens Bridge. We were extra lucky in that they had Camilla’s niece, Madelyn, visiting as well! Robert and Camilla were so lovely and they took us to P.J. Clarke’s. We all had the most delicious food! I got fish and chips.


Billy got this amazing burger that was more steak than ground beef. There was plenty of food to go around, and then of course we had dessert! We chose three delicious treats and circled those around the table.


Very stuffed and happy, we left the pub and walked to Juilliard. It was a lot of fun when Billy left to warm up and I got to sit between Camilla and Madelyn and talk about things.

This concert was probably one of my favorites. All the pieces were beautiful. There was a short Mozart symphony, a hauntingly beautiful Sibelius, a lovely piece by Kodály, and the final piece by Ginastera.

There was a whole movement dedicated to just Billy.

Okay – there was a whole movement dedicated to a beautiful French horn solo that happened to be played by Billy.


These are my favorite kinds of concerts – small and with a max of two horns on the stage at a time so I can hear Billy play.

We went home after saying goodbye to Robert, Camilla, and Madelyn, thanking them for the lovely night.

The next morning it was wonderful weather so the two of us went on a long walk in the huge park next to where we live.


I am so excited to see where the next couple of weeks takes us!

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