And the Snow Came Down

Well, we didn’t do anything very exciting this week, so basically it’s going to be some great photographs of our snowy day on Thursday and then a bit of exciting news!

On Wednesday it was a balmy 60 degrees – totally light jacket weather. As the day went on everyone started mentioning the foot of snow we were supposedly getting the next day.

Well here’s how the next day turned out.


Such a perfect day wasted sitting at work. I loved walking around in the snow storm. It was exciting – the white slurry coming so fast from so many direction (mainly straight into my eyeballs). I love a covered, modest New York, and she was really gettin’ covered that day. Every hour that passed at work, I longed earnestly to be snuggled up all cozy in bed with the husband. Instead – here are some pictures taken from my work.


Friday night the Juilliard horn players had a little gathering. Bills and I made all the dough and the sauce, and they brought the cheese and decorations, and together we created the yummiest pizzas. Here is one example of the many.


Also, in case anyone was wondering – this is me at parties.


(The party was actually way fun.)

Yesterday, we met up with two of our friends from BYU. The last time we saw them was in Zion’s National Park, where we camped together for a fun few nights. We met up with them and ate some delicious Indian food. After our bellies were full and we were all caught up, we headed over to Chelsea Market to meet up with Corinne. We wandered around the market for a bit, and then walked a little jaunt down the highline before we eventually said goodbye to them near Times Square since they had tickets to see a Broadway show.


All in all it was a decent week.

But here’s where it gets a little more interesting.

I won’t get into all the details since it’s not happening for another two weeks –


I can’t even tell you how excited I am! We’re leaving February 25, and we have a full twelve days of jam-packed itinerary planned. Our flights are booked, our list of things to do is in progress, and I can’t imagine I could ever be happier about it. This is my first international experience! I want the tacos and the beaches and the ruins and the volcanoes! Give it all to me!

And just to leave you with one more reason I’d rather be in Mexico –


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