The Sun Does Shine

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed by my last couple of posts, I’d gotten a little disillusioned with New York. And that may have had everything to do with being kicked out of our apartment, but don’t worry. Everything is fine now and the city is starting to shine a little for me again.

But let’s start back at the beginning of the week. On January 31, we still needed to finish packing up our entire apartment, move all of our belongings, and we still weren’t sure if we actually had a place to move to. My stress levels were abnormally high, but somehow the husband and I (and many great friends from our church!) moved everything over to our new place!

I wanted to say goodbye to our old place from when we first met:

(We moved into a messy situation)


To when we called it home:


Next week, when we’re all settled in, I’ll introduce our new apartment to everyone. It definitely is going to take some adjusting to get used to having a stranger for a roommate, but so far, so good (mostly).

This week my work celebrated its 40th year! As a surprise, they had arranged for us to attend a cooking class at Taste Bud Kitchen. We made a yummy dinner, but my favorite part was hanging out with some of my favorite people.


Check out these cuties!


Yesterday Billy and I made a mess of things. Alison (the cute blonde pictured above) knew I liked getting out of the city, and that I liked hiking, so she made plans for us to go over to Millbrook, New Jersey where some exceptional hiking happens to be. But then I got all cheap again (it really is a problem I’m working on, I promise!) and I switched our plans from a beautiful, accessible hike with champagne colored leaves for a park in Staten Island that I thought looked promising so we wouldn’t have to pay the fare to leave and reenter the city.

Huge mistake.

First off, there is never any reason to step foot on Staten Island, except to take the free ferry to see the statue of liberty. If this is the case, quickly turn around as soon as the ship docks and flee back to the beautiful mainland. There is no noteworthy restaurants or dining places (if I’m wrong please, let me know). There is nothing notable to do. It is not particularly beautiful or special.

Secondly, the transportation on Staten Island sucks. Like a lot. We spent over three quarters of our time trying to get to and from this park.

Third, the park wasn’t great. I’m sure it is much more beautiful in the spring.

The whole first bit of the trail just followed the road. When you finally feel like you’re beginning to leave civilization, close-by sirens bring you right back to reality. All of the trees were dead (not their fault, but still not what I was craving). We walked for a while before we stumbled across the (closed) Nature Center when we called it quits. It was freezing outside, and we were all kind of done with the whole thing. And then, of course, we spent another eternity getting off the island. At one point the bus we needed to transfer to drove off just as the bus we were on pulled up behind it. Which meant we had to wait another 40 minutes for it to come again.

So we decided to kill time with bagels and pizza.

A detail you might not know about me – I am the worst at crossing streets. In New York, it’s not usually a problem because either the cars are all coming at once (don’t cross yet!) or there’s nothing coming at all (now cross!). Well, here they didn’t really have cross walks, or any real traffic patterns, so the three of us kind of just made a mad dash of it.

A very brief window of crossing opportunity occurred.

Billy ran across and made it just fine.

Alison decided it wasn’t the best time, and that the best option was to wait for something better.

I followed Billy literally halfway across the street and stopped squarely in the middle.

Yeah. I might’ve been the idiot that stopped all the traffic on a random street in Staten Island like a frightened deer who doesn’t quite belong.

When we’d all completed the perilous journey across the treacherous road, Billy and I went for a little shop that promised “the finest” bagels. We walked in and the cashier couldn’t stop staring at us, which gave me the impression that we were probably the first customers of the week.

The two of us walked over to the pizza place where Alison got some delicious looking pizza.

We ended up ordering pizza for us as well.

We somehow finally managed to get back to Manhattan. And while the overall day was a bust, I have to say that I rather enjoyed myself. I couldn’t’ve asked for better company. Billy is my best friend, and Alison had me happy laughing all day long.


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