2016 in Review

So I’m having one of those rare moments where the husband is gone and I’m alone at home, terribly bored. And I’ve been wanting to do a quick review of 2016, so why not now?

2016 was a great year! I wrote my very first blog post (I have no idea why I decided to write about that). Billy and I kept trudging through our last semester at BYU. We had an awesome, Valentine’s trip to Capitol Reef. We constantly had to distract ourselves from the question of where we would be moving in a matter of months. Finally we found out we were headed to New York! But first we both graduated and then went on an awesome two-week trip to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Buckskin Gulch, Canyonlands and Arches! Billy spent a chunk of our summer in a random, tiny town in the middle of Texas, having fun at a music festival. While he did that, I decided to have adventures with his sister Lindsey and family in Galveston, his other sister Emily and family in North Carolina, and finally my family in Texas (with a trip to New Orleans). We rounded out the summer with more family time and adventures in Utah. We had a fun four-day drive to New York City, our new home. We had a crazy time settling in, but once we had our feet under us we had a lot of fun. We celebrated my birthday, had a visit from friends, enjoyed Thanksgiving with friends, had a visit from my old roommates, played around in the first snow of winter, savored a quiet Christmas with a visit to our friend in Brooklyn, and ended the year with an amazing visit from family.

And that pretty much sums up all 365 days! Haha just kidding. There was so much more happening. It’s been a pretty crazy ride lately. But I have to admit that I love having the best man I’ve ever known always at my side through the whole of it.

If all of that was way too many words, here are some of my favorite pictures of the year. (So much hiking!)

Wow! Looking back makes me realize just how much we did this year. I am so excited to see what happens this next year!

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