A Fun & Full Apartment

This week has been a pretty crazy one.

Last weekend was one of my favorites. Emily and David and their four kids came to visit us! I have been looking forward to this week for a looong time. Their kids are the cutest and both of them are so fun to be with.

Anytime I would tell any of my friends or coworkers about our upcoming situation, their eyes would go big and I knew they thought we were crazy. But they don’t know how flexible (and cheap) all of us are. And besides, I loved that they were so close. We would hardly get to see each other if they were staying at a hotel.

They pulled up in their minivan and all four of the kids piled out. I couldn’t believe they were finally here!

Their first full day in New York, I had work. But the next day we had fun taking them to see some familiar sights.


This kid! Asher is the smartest kid I know. And he’s so fun, always wanting to play games with everyone.


Look at this adorable baby! Every time I see her I definitely get a bad case of baby fever.


These bagels are amazing. Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think I’ve had a bagel in NYC that I didn’t like. Supposedly some are higher quality and the snooty people like to put down the rest. But I love every. single. one.


Sweet Titus! When I stayed with Emily and David this past summer I got to share a bed with this cutie. He definitely has a lot of energy to bring to the party.


The funniest things always come out of Bridger’s mouth. I love watching him to see what he’ll do or say next.


We had a great week with them. Unfortunately Billy and I got sick the second day they were here. Billy got some weird cold thing that lingered forever and made him feel not-so-great. And then I got strep. So that was no fun.

One of my favorite parts of their visit would be when the four of us would sit on the bed, while the kids were dreaming sweet things, and we would talk and laugh about everything until one of us finally would give up and say it was our bed time. They are some of the funniest people I know.

Saying goodbye to them was hard. Especially when Em was saying how she didn’t know when the next time we’d be seeing each other would be. I hope they had a good time despite me and Billy being under the weather and not as much fun as we could’ve been. I miss them already!

During the week we stayed busy. I had work and Billy had an intensive Chamberfest where he had many hours of rehearsal. He’s been enjoying it, though.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was beautiful because neither of us had anywhere to be and because of this:


It snowed again!

I love when it snows here! It makes it almost seem as if New York is clean. At least until all the beautiful snow turns into black slush. Then reality is restored.

But we wanted to take advantage of the beauty. It was lightly snowing all day long. The real reason we were even leaving the apartment today is because our friend Kaitlyn (Billy’s fellow horn player at Juilliard) wanted to go hiking. We were going to go somewhere else, but when we saw the weather forecast we decided to stay closer to home. Billy suggested we revisit the Inwood Hill Park that we visited this past fall.

I absolutely adore this park. As soon as you walk a minute into it, you completely forget that you’re in New York (which is a very nice thing sometimes).


We did a lot of exploring. Like I said – this park is stunning. It was great wandering its many paths with Kaitlyn. She’s a really fun person to be around. She took this picture of me, and I love it!


By the way, today is day six of our Whole 30 challenge! We’re staying strong (well I’ve been whining about how much I want sugar (which is really frustrating considering I got off it for seven months just to willingly go right back to it when we moved to New York)). I still really want a doughnut cone with ice cream in it. And oreos. And Levain’s. But I knew I was in it till the end when my work had a pizza lunch and I unwillingly ate the iceberg lettuce on the side. There are definitely some things I don’t agree with about the program, but now that I’ve committed to it, there’s no way I’m quitting.

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