Home Alone: Lost in New York (Real Life Edition)

How did this happen? I can’t believe Christmas is over.

Here’s a glimpse at what Christmas in new York is like.


We had one beautiful day of snow, so of course we bundled up and headed for the park. (I promise I didn’t mean to look like a hipster.) It was so peaceful and quiet! I’d been waiting a long time for it to snow here.


Billy had a couple performances and they were all amazing. The first concert was at Juilliard, the second (and third) were at our church. I love hearing this guy play! It still gives me goosebumps every time.


We spent Christmas Eve hanging out with our favorite friends! As always, way too much fun, and way too much food.


On Christmas morning we woke up and ripped into our presents.


My favorite present from “Ruldof.”


We got cat harnesses and you don’t even know how excited I am! We’re going to work with them and get them to love going on cat walks! We also got catnip and I’ve never seen crazier cats!

We watched Home Alone 2 and Elf, and it was so fun being able to watch those and point out places that are familiar to us now! I still think it’s so crazy that we live here.

All in all our Christmas week was magical. It was very strange not being with our families on Christmas, but I must admit that New York does a great job of putting Christmas cheer in your heart, whether you want it or not.


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