One Day at a Time

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where I want to be two years from now, what my ideal situation – my dream is. And depending on what minute of what hour you ask me, my answer will be different. Which is very frustrating for me. I really can’t express to you just how frustrating it is to me, actually.

In America, life is sometimes hard because we have so many choices.

But what I always end up telling myself is that everything works out. Maybe not how I imagined, and sometimes maybe not in any way I’d hoped. But everything really does have a way of working out.

That probably has something to do with always having this sweet guy at my side.


Luckily for me, New York has plenty of wonderful things to distract me. And even more lucky for me that two of my dear, college roommates wanted to come out and see New York me!


It was extraordinarily cold last weekend! By far the coldest it’s been since I’ve gotten here.

We stopped off at the delicious Murray’s Bagels.


After our bagels we spent the morning wandering around Greenwich Village and all fell in love with the brownstone apartments.


This is one of my many dreams, to be living in New York in a brownstone, with four kids and our dog named Tallulah and Billy working at the Metropolitan Opera and I’m a wildly successful blogger/mother. Don’t we look like we belong here?


After wanting so bad to be able to live here, we wandered on over to a place I’ve been wanting to go for a long time –

Chelsea Market


(My favorite picture from the whole day.)

It was amazing! I very much appreciated that everything was inside to provide warmth to our frozen bodies. Everything was decked out in Christmas decorations and all the stores looked so cute and inviting. Until you looked at the prices on things.

Here are some more random pictures from our wandering. Warning – Billy let me take the camera so I could practice (I’m not very good) and I’m the kind of person that thinks everything in New York is cool looking.


I guess it was so small they were worried no one could find it so they put the name on four times?


It was really fun having them here over the weekend! Unfortunately Billy and I had work/school so we only had one good day of play. They went out and had plenty of adventures without us, though.

While they did provide me with some good distraction, it reminded me that I’ll just have to take it one day at a time and try my best to enjoy every minute of this time here.

Besides, everything will work out just fine.


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