Going a Little Bit Back

I wanted to talk a little bit more about why we’re in New York in the first place.


It’s because this kid got into Juilliard. Let me backtrack a little.

When we first met I had absolutely no intention of getting married anytime soon. When we first met I learned that he was majoring in French Horn Performance. When we first met I thought it was way cool, but other than that I didn’t really think much of it.

As the months went by I fell more and more in love with him. The more and more I told people about our potential plans for marriage, more and more people kept saying the same things in the same warning tone.”You’re going to have to work for the rest of your life.” “Aren’t you scared?” “Good luck.”

And I’ll admit. I was a little nervous about it. It is a very competitive field, one where unless you’re at the top due to talent and/or luck, there is very little pay for your time and passion. So it was a thought in the back of my mind.

Until I heard him play at a horn competition in the middle of nowhere.

I’d heard him play tons of times before this. I often sat in his practice room and did homework or just hung out in between classes while he practiced his music. And for the most part it sounded good, but that’s it – just good. And I’d heard him plenty of times in concert, but that’s with an entire group. When I was sitting in an auditorium classroom in Lincoln, Nebraska – that’s when suddenly I knew that I had married a very talented, very gifted man. He completely set aside all of the nerves of the competition and blew me and the judges away. I was completely shocked! I felt how good he was in my soul. How had I never witnessed this before? Where did all this come from so suddenly?

I didn’t know the answers, but I really liked it. And ever since that competition he has been constantly impressing me with how dedicated and ambitious he is. Ever since it’s been one great accomplishment after the next.

The time came for both of us to graduate. I applied to a few graduate schools for audiology. He applied for four master’s programs for Horn.

Once again, some people put on their face and expressed their doubt. Most of his friends applied to at least five schools. Some even applied to ten. But he made four calculated decisions. A school in California, Texas, and two in New York City. What’s funny is that he actually had no intention of applying to Juilliard originally. It was his dear friend that put the idea in his head, basically saying “Why not?” (Thank you Logan!) We waited anxiously for months, waiting to find out where we would be moving to in a matter of weeks. California was a flat rejection from the beginning. Okay great. Texas and both New York schools required further auditions. After all of those we waited until the announcement letters came. Texas was the one we were both rooting for. Texas letter arrived. Texas was out. That left the two New York Schools. We were starting to get really nervous. Would any of the schools say yes? Manhattan School of Music letter arrived. Yes! We got an email telling us the Juilliard results would be in at a certain hour that night. Both of us were dying from the jitters, so we went on a glorious five mile run down the canyon. The letter arrived. Also yes!!


The difference in the way people treated Billy and spoke about him to me after his acceptance was shocking. I wasn’t always having to defend him anymore. Everyone suddenly believed in him like I did and it was great!

Honestly, neither of us expected everything to turn out this way at all.

But I have to say that we’re both loving it.


Also, did you know Juilliard has an extra I before the L’s? Billy definitely sent a lot of misspelled application papers to them. I guess they really must’ve liked him…

One thought on “Going a Little Bit Back

  1. Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter and liking one of my Yellowstone posts. I was interested to see you had been there too. I also loved your S Utah posts. We were there a few years ago and it was fabulous. I enjoyed recognising some favourite places.


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