Come Visit New York!

A couple of weeks ago we were so happy to have two of our friends from school make the trip out to NYC! They flew on over by a red-eye plane and arrived here nice and early on a Saturday. We had such a fun weekend together!

I love when people visit for several reasons:

  1. We get to re-visit places we’ve already been to but are definitely worth revisiting-

The Brooklyn Bridge.


The bull on Wall Street! Obviously Billy is the mature one…


Lincoln Center feat. Juilliard, the Temple, and the Kool Kidz.


Beautiful Grand Central Station which happens to be home of the BEST bagels I have found in NY so far.


New York Public Library! (Tell me you’ve seen The Day After Tomorrow).


The building I’m (failing to) point at is my work building! The 23rd floor is the second to top. There was also a really fun market going on while we were going by.


The heartbreaking 9/11 Memorial and the new One World Trade Center.


The wonderful High Line! This time at night.


Times Square! – also at night.


2. We get to explore new places.

Delicious but over-priced (in our opinion) – The Meatball Shop.


Some of the best pizza in Brooklyn!


Jocelyn and Jacob bought us the yummiest chocolate almond croissant from this place –          so good!


Some people really like hot dogs – I am not one of those people.


There was a crazy long protest parade for Standing Rock.


Also we saw John Goodman on the Subway. I touched his bag!


3. But most importantly my favorite part is – we got to see friends! It was so wonderful catching up with our friends from Provo and showing them our little home in New York. All in all it was a perfect weekend and we were so sad to see them go. They were amazing guests – they even brought their own towels and pillows (and it’s actually a good thing because we don’t exactly have a surplus of either of those items(read – we only have two of those items each)).

To end this very long post I will add a few pictures that were taken along the way in our grand adventures.


And please! If you ever want to visit us, please do! We would lovelovelove for everyone to come out and see what New York is really all about.


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