The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Autumn in New York is beautiful.

But can you guess what’s even better than Autumn in New York?


That’s right. It’s my birthday in Autumn in New York City.

I was born on November 11, 1994 at 1:06 PM. At that moment, this world got a little bit better. And since I’m such a gift to the world, I always expect to be treated as what I am –  a Queen.

I awoke next to the most amazing man ever, so that right there was a great start to my birthday. After we got up and ready for a few minutes he completely surprised me by pulling this bad boy out of the freezer.


Isn’t it amazing?? I had no idea he’d done anything for me, and out he comes with this homemade awesomeness! He made me laugh because he said he’d tried to make it look like a turtle.

He also bought me some beautiful flowers to celebrate the day.


Since my birthday was on a Friday, we finished our ice cream cake for breakfast and then I headed to work and Billy went to school. I got to the office and everyone there was so nice. All my coworkers went out of their way to say Happy Birthday to me and made me feel special. That’s all I was expecting really, but then, towards the end of the day, I walk back to my desk and I found this stuck in my keyboard:


Everyone had written me a little note in a birthday card! It’s amazing how such small things mean so much.

Look at the most beautiful date on that phone!

The day goes by and a little after four o’clock (the clock on our phone was still an hour ahead from daylight-saving time) one of my coworkers comes out announcing to the office that our boss had bought a banana split buffet for everyone in the office. It was the best!

After work I began walking to the subway stop as usual. But right as I’m getting there Billy surprises me by popping up out of nowhere and begins leading me somewhere. I love surprises, so I was giddy with excitement. We finally get to where we’re going, and we walk into this fancy-schmancy hotel. I was so confused! We walked around the lobby looking for something. We walked by a hair salon and I figured maybe he was taking me to a random nail place in the hotel for pedicures.

What actually happened was so much better.

We finally find a tucked away hallway with this neon burger sign pointing the way.


And then magic happened.

A little backstory – Billy and I have been searching for a good burger ever since we got to New York. Every burger we’ve found is either way too expensive, or it’s a decent price but not worth eating. Trust us. We’ve experimented enough to know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present The Burger Joint.


After stuffing our bellies we headed home. The whole day had been great! As my birthday gift he let me walk into Lululemon and buy a wonderful yoga mat. And he even promised to go to a yoga class with me!

When we got home he had one more surprise for me. We’d eaten at a place a while ago where someone ordered a S’mores dip and it’d looked so good. But as Billy and I don’t eat sugar (except for special occasions), I’d pined for it for a week and then forgotten about it. So what did Billy do?

He created this beauty.


He is so good at surprises!

I couldn’t believe how great my birthday had been. All my friends and family had reached out to wish me a great day and I felt so loved.

The next day was my post-birthday. (And yes. We’d celebrated my pre-birthday before. I don’t kid around with this stuff.) My post-birthday was just as fabulous as my birthday birthday.

We started by going to Jason’s Pickles.


The wait for this place was an hour and forty-five minutes (it’s a pretty hoppin’ place). To kill the time Billy and I went to two Goodwills and I found a super cute vest (everyone wears them here). By the time we got back we only waited another ten minutes and then we were seated at a table.



So much food!


And it was so good!

Billy ordered the pancakes and fried chicken. Of course it was topped with their amazing homemade maple syrup and BACON. I ordered the fried chicken and biscuits and gravy. It was so good I couldn’t believe what I was eating. I had every intention of clearing both of our plates, but it was so much food we went home and still had a ton left over.

It was also great because we made some friends. Right after we were seated a couple sat down right next to us (this place had huge family-style tables). They ordered two appetizers, and Jason’s Pickles definitely doesn’t do anything small. They realized they’d over-ordered and right away put the pickled veggies in between us and them and told us to dig in. That started the conversation and we quickly found that they were visiting from Texas. Small world!

We all had a great time. When Billy and I left I dragged him over to Central Park and it was stunning. The sun was heading down and the beautiful Autumn in the city was in full swing.


I couldn’t believe how pretty everything was!


There was an enchanting atmosphere in the air as the sun went down. I couldn’t believe what a perfect birthday weekend I’d had! And (not so surprising) I was amazed at how sweet Billy was to the Queen. What a marvelous way to spend my first birthday in New York City.

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